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Fat boy is on the menu and heading into the oven!

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Fat boy is an unnamed boy who appears in the Faerie Tale Theater episode Hansel and Gretel. He has been captured by the witch and is locked up in a small cage along with Hansel and is being fattened up by the witch to be cooked and eaten. His name is unknown but the witch refers to him as "fat boy". It is assumed that fat boy was caught while eating the witches candy house and tricked into entering with the promise of food. When he let down his guard he was kidnapped and taken to the cage outside where he was thrown in, locked up and told he was doomed. The witch brought fat boy food very often and made sure he ate every bit of it so he would become fatter for her meal. She would check his progress often to see how fat he was getting. When Hansel was captured and locked up, the witch decided to eat fat boy. The witch told Gretel that it was a feast day and described fat boy as a lovely little boy all round and fat and juicy and that she planned to eat him that day. When Gretel and the witch take Hansel his meal, fat boy is visibly frightened, knowing he is about to be cooked in the oven, and tries to stay back from the witch but she grabs his arm and pulls him from the cage. The witch dragged him away into her house as he begged to be let go but the witch showed no remorse. Once inside, the witch stuffed fat boy into the oven and left him to cook. A puff of smoke came from the chimney and his cries could be heard much to Hansel's horror. The witch also put fat boys heart into a special batter and baked him into a gingerbread boy, this being his ultimate fate. The witch had an outdoor magic oven that was used for baking children into gingerbread. She poured fat boy, who was now cookie batter, into a skillet shaped like a gingerbread boy and put him into the magic oven. There was a special spell the witch said to ensure that fat boy would bake properly. The spell went:

"Heart to batter. Batter to heart.

Deaths a treat. So sweet. To eat!"

Once the spell was complete the skillet was removed from the oven and fat boy had become a gingerbread boy cookie. Satisfied with how he turned out the witch put fat boy with the other children she baked around her gingerbread fence.
Fat boy his cage and being fattened up for the witches meal.

Fat boy locked in a cage.

Fat boy being drug away by the witch to the hot oven. He begged to be let go but the witch showed no sympathy for him

Fat boy being taken away to be cooked.

Fat boy cooking in the hot oven. His cries can be heard.

A puff of smoke from fat boy going into the hot oven

Fat boy as a gingerbread cookie after being baked in the magic oven.

Fat boy baked into a gingerbread boy

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